Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Gaurang Dave

Highly recommend his service!!!

By: Saima Ghaffar

I had the best experience with shikhar Verma it was my first home I was nervous bit scared but in the end everything was perfect i would recommend Mr. Verma's Realty service with full confidence .

By: Jyoti Chawla

We are really grateful to SHIKHAR VERMA , an honest , trustworthy and fair in dealings realtor who helped us in true sense in the finalisation of our deal with his extraordinary enthusiasm and sincere efforts. We shall always remember him for his act of kindness particularly when we were pretty new on this land. He practically helped us in settling down and showed the path of progress. Shikhar sold our house in a very good prize within a week of listing even , when the news said "the market is low and sales are slow". May Almighty shower generosity on him and flourish .We also wish him to progress manifold in his endeavour. Wish him success by leaps and bounds in all spheres.Thank to him once again.We would highly recommend SHIKHAR VERMA as a real estate realtor !!

By: Rajendra Dave

Shikhar varma really awesome property u find for us. Me and my family realy thank full for that. God bless u.

By: Sumit Pal Singh

Truly professional and a helping person. He guided me across locations in Canada and clarify my doubts to choose a good property in accordance with my needs. Thanks buddy :)

By: Phuong Nguyen

Very good, patient, and experienced. Sold my home fast and over-asking price. I was very happy. Would definitely recommend!

By: Priyank Peters

We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Shikar. We met with a couple of realtors before him, but we knew instantly that he was the one for us. He is honest and hands-on and he really helped to take the pressure off of us. We never felt forced to make an offer, Shikhar walked us through every step of the negotiations and suggestions. We feel we have a trustworthy agent, as well as a friend! Thank you, we highly recommend Shikhar for all your real estate needs.

By: aditya sharma

Shikhar is true a professional with thorough knowledge of area and extremely understanding of all aspects of sale & purchase. His communication skills are great and devotes proper time to understand buyer’s need. Total experience worked to my advantage and I purchased a great property with his guidance. Thank you.

By: Piyush kaushal

Shikhar is a thorough professional who is well versed with the real estate market of GTA. I was amazed at how quickly he was able to narrow down on my housing requirements - I got my deal in 3 days! Besides all, he went a step further to help me getting a few other things done. I would strongly recommend him professionally and personally.

By: Kapil Galande

Shikhar is a thorough professional agent who helped me to find a good rental condo matching my expectations. He helped us with the best possible way and we were completely satisfied with his services. The main thing that helped us was his detailed knowledge about the market which saved a lot of time and efforts for us and helped us to finalize the areas quickly. Plus, he has a very good idea about the industry, which made the overall process very smooth for us.

By: astha sachdeva

I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied with the services we received through Shikhar Verma. From the beginning, we were impressed with his personal approach, professionalism, attention to detail, and hard work. You won't go wrong using Shikhar as your Realtor! I will recommend him to anyone I know interested in a real estate transaction of any type.

By: Vibhoo Gaur

As they say " professionalism is consistency of quality " , reflects from the type of services that we have received from Shikhar Verma. It is because of him that we are sitting in such a beautiful house today. He puts in such a great amount of hard work in looking for a property for you according to your needs and your pocket.Also , he has a vast understanding of the market and will always guide you through the right path. He has an amiable and courteous personality with excellent communication skills that can attract anybody and everybody. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!

By: Maya Salil

We brought our first home last month and it was an absolutely pleasant experience working with Shikhar. We had multiple agents working earlier with us but most of them got us worried as it seemed a very complex and tedious process. What we found refreshing about Shikhar was his ease to make us feel comfortable, professionalism and his proactive approach. He took into consideration our budget and our requirement on the house layout. The listings were brought to us based on that and made our choices and life way easier. We got a great home as per our needs and budget and we are happy and satisfied. Thanks to Shikhar’s negotiation skills, he managed to get us the best deal considering the current volatile home market condition. I would definitely and highly recommend all home buyers/sellers to work with Shikhar.

By: Shakil Abdus

We brought our first home this month and it was a great experience working with Shikhar Verma. I was nervous and hopeless, he is the person make us feel comfortable, We got a great home as per our needs and budget and we are happy and satisfied. Thank you Shikhar Verma, I really appreciated for your help. I would highly recommend all home buyers to see him

By: Sandeep Singh

Shikhar verma is good agent for buying property and he is nice person to trust on him .

By: rajendra dave

i have great experience with Shikhar Varma. He helped me to buy my dream home. thanks lot

By: rehman altaf

Could not be happier! We ran around for months with various agents trying to find the ideal home to no avail. Once we ran into Shikhar, we discussed our needs with him and ended up purchasing the very first home he showed us. He understood our needs perfectly and took us straight to the home that checked all boxes. Shikhar is very professional and guided us through the whole buying processes. He was always one step ahead and on top of everything. Never needed to call him for anything. He even put us in touch with the right mortgage agent who made the mortgage process a breeze. Hire this guy for all of your real estate needs. You will be glad you did.

By: Deepa zayedi

We got our first home according to our budget!He is very honest and professional person.I would strongly recommend him to all home buyers and sellers.

By: Jodha Rakkar

Shekhar Verma is one the best realtor in the business. He helped me to find out the best deal in best price for me. His dedication for the work resulted in best value for money. In my case I introduced him all my needs and condition for the property and he found out the deal which satisfied all those conditions. Shekhar Verma is an honest man I recommend my friends and relatives to consult him before making a move.

By: Mona Kaushal

We recently bought our first house in Canada and Shikhar helped us with the purchase. As a thorough professional he made sure that the property met our needs and budget. He made sure that we understood every minute aspect of the deal. His proactiveness got us a good deal and almost every time he helped us over and above his obligations. Kudos to his efforts! Can highly recommend him.

By: Qm Zayedi

Shikhar is very honest and a professional person. Professional people should have some qualities.Those qualities are: 1.Honesty 2.Communication skills with the customer 3.Technical Competency 4.Work Ethic 5.Finish your work on right time according to commitment 6.Make the difficult work easier From my personal experience he has all those qualities. I was looking for house last few years with other agent he showed the houses but couldn't guide us properly. Then one of my family friend referred me to Mr. Shikhar. He make very critical thing easier. As a first time buyer we deal with him and he gave us a nice house according to our budget.In a very short time we got a beautiful house because of him.I really appreciate for your help and proper guiding.I would strongly recommend him to all home buyers and sellers. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE!!!

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!